Image of Dharmapala Martele

Dharmapala Martele


The Rare Editions strainers are distinguished by being unique editions with high quality finishes of which only one unit is manufactured.

For this occasion the Dharmapala Martelé has been worked with the technique of martelé (hammering). Which consists of drawing over the entire surface using a round-headed hammer, a uniform pattern that creates a multitude of shadows and lights.

Each blow with the hammer compresses the metal in a very small area and creates a concavity that reflects light, as well as creating a pattern that is pleasant to the touch.

As usual, this Rare Edition has been engraved on the back with its numbering and the distinction Rare Edition 1 de 1 (1 of 1 in Spanish)

Dharmapala is one of the 3 strainers belonging to the Trikaya Series. Along with Mahakala and Dharmapala

Trikaya Series has used as a starting point the traditional clay masks of Tibetan Buddhism, used in traditional festivals and rituals in Tibet.

All strainers in this series have been manufactured using laser cutting and accentuating details through laser engraving. Each unit is delivered numbered, with its certificate of authenticity.

No welds.

One solid piece of stainless Steel Aisi 304.


Clean by hand.

Product designed and produced by Bottesi in Madrid.

We recommend read the Shipping Terms before complete your order.

Image of Dharmapala Martele Image of Dharmapala Martele
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